ELDERBORN out of Early Access

The time of glory is upon us, Warriors! It’s time for you to stand in the arena to face trial by combat, prove your worth, and set off to your holy quest to conquer the dangers and mysteries of the ancient and cursed city of Jurmum! ELDERBORN is out of Early Access.

15 months of Early Access with awesome player feedback gave us the chance to expand and polish our vision. Current Early Access version, last updated in October 2019, is now best treated as an extensive demo of the final version of ELDERBORN. If you just purchased it – please keep in mind that taking it for a spin now is fun, but you don’t want to invest a lot of your time in the game. Because it WILL CHANGE A LOT, and – for the final time – the save files will be wiped. As annoying as that might be – please understand, that the final version of ELDERBORN that comes on Jan 30 will be a lot like a whole new game. Please read on!

Full release changelog highlights:

What was added?

  • Two new locations – tutorial dungeon, and endgame – atop of the existing Catacombs and City
  • New animated story intro and cut-scenes in two versions (see next bulletpoints!)
  • New, more buffed-out character models (plural! see next point!)
  • The option to choose your character – a male- or female-appearing (this is reflected in the cut-scenes)
  • The option to choose your preferred difficulty level at the beginning of the game, and change it later if you find it too challenging or not challenging enough (you can do it at any time and it won’t affect challenge progression or your eligibility for achievements)
  • Lore codex detailing the story background, weapons, enemies, and more
  • A new, second boss fight in the City area
  • In-game challenges that grant you various bonuses upon completion
  • A heroic-fantasy storyline to follow throughout the game
  • New steam achievements
  • Full controller support
  • 5 new weapons
  • New music tracks

What was improved?

  • The user interface has been completely re-worked, both all menu screens, as well as the HUD
  • The game optimization has been greatly improved and it should run much smoother on most machines within the suggested specs
  • Complete re-balance of the player, weapon, and enemy stats
  • Character progression curve was re-balanced as well
  • Enemy combat patterns and animations
  • Weapon stats and variance – each of the 11 weapons offers a distinctive playstyle now – check the in-game weapons codex to find out about the different damage types and special properties
  • You master weapons by using them in combat to unlock more weapon lore and bonuses
  • You learn about enemies by fighting them and you unlock more lore and learn about their vulnerabilities
  • The City location has been greatly polished and spruced up with new special effects and more apparent goals
  • The tower-top mini-boss fights have been reworked completely from the ground up
  • More spawn points have been added to reduce back-tracking in case of character death
  • The missing SFX have been added and the existing ones have been improved
  • The save system back-end has been changed to avoid savegame errors
  • A lot of bug-fixes and quality-of-life tweaks have been made

This list does not include all of the major, minor, and invisible changes that the Hyperstrange team put in ELDERBORN over the course of the last ~4 months since the last update. But it should give you an idea what to expect from the final game.

Enough said. Go play some ELDERBORN! This is just a stop in our journey. Much is yet to come!

Good hunting, WARRIORS!


CROSSBOW: Bloodnight


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ELDERBORN out of Early Access