Team-up with Hyperstrange to bring your game to a broad, global, multi-platform audience!

We’re not your standard publisher. We make our own games. We’re on our way to Gamedev Valhalla, and we can take this trip together. If you are WORTHY. We’re looking for:


No money for porting? No marketing budget? No problem!

We’re developers like you. We make our money selling our own games – we don’t need to milk yours for maximum profit. We know badass games perform at their best in the company of other badass games. That’s why we strive to build an outstanding indie catalog to focus the attention of the players.

If your game fits our profile, we can give you great publishing and porting terms!


Yes, you can still succeed as an indie game developer!

Making great games is hard. Selling games in an oversaturated market is even harder. Looking at your great game’s sales tanking after you’ve spent all that time and effort to make it special is the hardest. We’ve learned to navigate the market and we’ve learned how to  beat the odds.

We now have people on staff with 20+ gaming industry experience. We’ll help you survive… and thrive!

& Expertiese

Do you know how to port, publish, and market games on many platforms? We do!

We can help you release your game on Steam, sure, but it takes more than that to unlock your work’s full potential. Our experience allows us to port and publish your games to Nintendo Switch, Xbox, and Playstation. We’ll take care of porting, QA, certification, and marketing, so you can focus on your creative work.

With us on your side, there’s no reason not to go BIG, even if you are small.

Ready to get started ?

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