Hyperstrange Showcase at Realms Deep 2021

Hyperstrange was one of the most notable studios/publishers at Realms Deep 2021. True to our roots, we treat the “boomer-shooter con” as our main event of the season. Yes, with the amazing help and support we’ve received from the organizers (3D Realms, New Bloods, and others), Realms Deep is our E3 this year. And it wouldn’t be a E3-styled event if we didn’t announce a whole lot of stuff. Did you miss it? Here’s what went down!

New Hyperstrange studio games announced

BLOOD WEST, an immersive Wild West FPS where a revenant desperado takes on the twisted demons and eldritch horros in a cursed, desolate mining town. Hell is empty and all the devils are here! Plan your steps, be stealthy, gain advantage, manage your resources, and paint the world dark red! Wild West FPS games are few and far apart, so if you enjoy this setting and gameplay type, please support Blood West by adding it to your wishlist!
RAYZE is a genre-defying hyper-paced music-filled first-person skillrunner. Godlike FPS precision & superhuman reflexes are welcome, but not required. Welcome to your new casually hardcore obsession. Adrenaline rushing, dopamine pumping, electronic pulse beating! 3.. 2.. 1.. Let’s RAYZE! If you like a challenge, please consider adding the game to your wishlist, but you can also check it out right now, as there’s a DEMO available!

New Hyperstrange publishing projects revealed

Supplice is a stylish throwback shooter inspired by the mid-90s FPS glory days and the legendary Doom modding community. Mixing the retro stylings of 90s era shooters with colorful graphics and frantic gameplay, it creates an experience that’s ever so familiar but also exciting and fresh. The team behind the game is a real hot pot of Doom modding and FPS development legends, starting from Brett ‘Mechadon’ Harrell, the project founder, through Aleksander ‘Cage’ Kowalczyk, the lead artist also known for his work with Ion Fury, to James ‘Jimmy’ Paddock, the lead composer, known from his midi soundtracks to Sigil, Prodeus, and many other talents. Please add the game to your wishlist if you want to stay up to date with its development.
Skullstone is a true to its form dungeon crawler with grid-based movement, real-time tactics combat, and first-person view. Lead a party of adventurers into the under-realm, looking for glory, gold, and a solution to the ancient evil plaguing the town above. Well, adventurer? Get crawling! Or, actually, let’s start by wishlisting Skullstone, so you don’t miss the demo that’s heading to the October Steam Next Fest.

New HOT release

Jupiter Hell is a turn-based shooter from the depths of cosmic hell, built on a classic roguelike framework updated with modern 3d graphics. Rip and tear zombies, demons, and heavy metal monstrosities with chainguns and chainsaws. Like chess… with shotguns! This spiritual successor to Doom Roguelike launched in full on August 5 to both player and media acclaim. “A Turn-Based Triumph – Jupiter Hell is an engaging and commendable recreation of DOOM’s style in turn-based roguelike form that will please just about everyone.” writes Screen Rant, giving the game 4,5/5 stars, while Kotaku calls it “an absolute gem”.

New gameplay reveal

POSTAL: Brain Damaged is our flagship in-development title that we create as an original IP based off the infamous POSTAL series, under the watchful eye of MikeJ, Vince Desi, and the rest of the Running With Scissors crew. First announced at Realms Deep 2020 in early pre-alpha stage, it quick became somewhat of an obsession with the POSTAL community, and there’s a lot of people who have been asking, no, demanding to see some final-quality gameplay footage. That’s exactly what we delivered at Realms Deep 2021… plus something extra. If you are a POSTAL fan or a general boomer-shooter enjoyer, please add Brain Damaged to your wishlist and follow the project, so you don’t miss the chance to play the Demo that will be featured on Steam Next Fest this October!

Notable milestones

While Frozenheim, our serene Norse city builder with RTS combat, didn’t make the cut for the already lengthy stream, there’s an announcement that we’re stoked to make. Today marks the 100 000 Steam purchases milestone for Frozenheim. That’s one hundred thousand Vikings in our Frozen North! This is the second game in our catalog to reach the 100k player tier, following our debut title, ELDERBORN, which – as per our Realms Deep announcement is coming soon to Xbox (alongside our bite-size FPS, CROSSBOW: Bloodnight)

All this is a huge step for Hyperstrange (or a whole marathon, actually), as a small indie studio with just one game published a year ago, to a… slightly larger indie studio that’s becoming a hub of game development and publishing. If you’re reading this – please know, that you have our utmost gratitude – we couldn’t have done any of this without the tremendous support our games are receiving from the Steam community! That is it for today, be excellent to each other!

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