Welcome to Blood West, gunslingers!

We give Blood West, our wild west stealth FPS with horror vibes an Early Access treatment. Here’s what you need to know. Today, we wish to invite you to Blood West early access. Our immersive survival-horror FPS will have you exploring twisted wild west environments, scavenging for supplies, hunting deadly monstrosities, and gaining power to face terrifying bosses. The game is priced at $14.99 in the early access period, and the pioneers getting it in the launch week Read more…

Hyperstrange showcase at Realms Deep 2021

Hyperstrange was one of the most notable studios/publishers at Realms Deep 2021. True to our roots, we treat the “boomer-shooter con” as our main event of the season. Yes, with the amazing help and support we’ve received from the organizers (3D Realms, New Bloods, and others), Realms Deep is our E3 this year. And it wouldn’t be a E3-styled event if we didn’t announce a whole lot of stuff. Did you miss it? Here’s what went down! Read more…

CROSSBOW: Bloodnight

Introducing our new score-attackhorror FPS minigame CROSSBOW: Bloodnight, is our small but polished, and fine-tuned arena shooter in the vein of our own all-time favorite score-attack FPS, Devil Daggers. It has you slaughtering monsters with an arcane mechanical crossbow that doubles for a machine gun, shotgun, grenade launcher, and even an aerial attack holy mortar.


Yes, there is an actual story behind all the gory mayhem. With the full release, we’re adding a new story introduction (that you can see below and in the game’s Steam profile), cut-scenes filling you in on the details of your quest, and a lot of in-game lore, that can be accessed by exploring and interacting with the environment of the game and unlocked in the game’s Codex. The intro and the cut-scenes come in Read more…


The end of February brings you the second Tech Update! The main objective of ELDERBORN Early Access is to develop our game based on your feedback. And the latest update, which is now available, follows this strategy. Some of you have said that the game does not contain enough blood, while others complained about the amount of gore. What did we do to make both groups satisfied? We added a new setting! When playing the Read more…


We are extremely happy about how you like our latest update! Keep being awesome and hit us with all the feedback you have. We. Are. ready. Also, we’ve just released a hotfix with a few changes:– improved mouse sensitivity (based on your feedback),– fixed loading material upon changing the texture quality setting,– fixed loading screen fade out.


WARRIORS! The end of January brings you the first Content Update! With the new Early Access version of ELDERBORN we are introducing a number of new elements. You now have the opportunity to fight General Janus who wants to put you down with his sword. Who is Janus? Our introduction video will give you a glimpse of ELDERBORN’s story, but this is only the beginning of what you will learn in the future. We also feel that Read more…

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