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Contest submissions are closed

Thank you for participation

Winners will be contacted through email and the results will be made public on our social media channels and Steam on the 5th of  March, 2024.


1st Place Prize

The winner of the contest will have their concept art recreated in the newest expansion for Blood West. Our internal team will create the monster’s model, animate it, and code its behavior in accordance with your concept art and description.

Runner Up Prizes

Up to 3 participants whose concepts have got close to the final cut, but have not made it will receive game keys from the Hyperstrange Catalog.


  1. Create a concept art that would depict a cosmic horror-themed monster that would fit the Weird West setting of Blood West.
  2. In addition to the concept art, provide a text which describes the creature’s in-game behavior, powers and weaknesses along with a short flavor text which will justify the monster’s existence in the world of Blood West.
  3. Once you have both parts of the submission ready, host them on a Google Drive or an equivalent cloud service and send us a link at: . Make sure to make it accessible to anyone who has the link.
  4. You can submit up to 3 concepts.
  5. The winners will be contacted via email a few days before the announcement of the results.

Creative Suggestions:

  • A good idea will be valued more than the execution of the concept art, so do not feel discouraged if art is not your forte. However, we do require concept art of some sort in order for our creative team to understand your idea better.
  • While we’re not imposing any significant artistic limitations, we will grade highly ideas that seamlessly blend themes of cosmic horror and Wild West.


Start of the contest: 31st January, 2024.

End of the contest: 29th February, 2024.

Results announcement: 5th March, 2024.


  • You have to be 18-years old to participate.
  • You have to be the legal owner of the provided concept and the related materials you submit.
  • The submission cannot include AI-generated images and text.
  • The submitted content cannot be neither offensive nor sexually suggestive.
  • We, Hyperstrange S.A., reserve the right to alter the submitted content in order to make it coherent with the game’s style and functional within the game’s engine.
  • By submitting your concept, you, as an author, grant the non- revocable free of charge right to the Hyperstrange S.A. to use your intellectual property, related to the submitted concept, for the indefinite period.
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