Today we have brought you the first Early Access update!

As listed in our roadmap published shortly after the Early Access release, Tech Update #1 brings some new features and gameplay changes, including those based on your feedback. We want to strengthen the fundaments of our game before adding more content early next year.

Some changes have been implemented, some not, some are still being discussed – you can find out why below and as always, let us know how do you find how the game has changed and… keep being awesome! \m/

PS Don’t forget about our livestream starting at 10AM PST!

Some changes are based on your feedback and some just follow the design decisions so we:

  • Added option to map buttons
  • Added option to turn on direction double tap to Dash
  • Added option to toggle crosshair (may help if you are feeling dizzy sometimes)
  • Fixed camera movement during attacks and walking (should feel more weighty now)
  • Fixed AI a bit (Shielded zombies actually use shields now)
  • Added a lot more player HP, so you can face this improved AI with no frustration
  • Changed enviro a bit, to keep the game tempo
  • Changed enemies? placement for the same reason
  • Added a hitstop effect to each connecting attack, feedback on hit is now cooler
  • Rebalanced all weapon categories, changes in range and knockback power
  • Reduced parry window, you guys were too good at it
  • Highlighted traces of enemy ranged attacks
  • Nerfed Kick: bigger recovery, less pushback. But now deals a bit of damage! 😀
  • Fixed sound options
  • Improved optimization (you should see the difference with more stable framerate)
  • Left some enemy items in-game after you slay them
  • Changed Sprinting logic. It?s now a separate action, you don?t need to hold it down anymore (works like in modern FPS titles). Let us know your thoughts on this since we are considering another change here

The main focus at the moment:

  • Dungeon – Boss Fight
  • Dungeon – Hell section
  • Story introduction
  • Treasures are being reworked, but we are not sure when will we introduce them in the new approach. Also, we are testing some power-ups ideas.
  • The City is growing

What didn?t we do and why:

  • Flying limbs and corpse interaction – for now, it?s overkill for game optimization. Even if it works somehow, we will not include it anytime soon due to game performance
  • Player ranged attacks – still no ranged combat for you but? we have an idea that we want to discuss with you sometime soon, on discord maybe
  • Stealth and glory kills – even if we would love to make it true, we can?t. Time cost could kill the process of finishing the game and possibly the core game design also. Too risky.
  • Enemies reanimation. Some of you don?t like it and want it to go away but it has its reason and purpose. There is a connection between your respawn and theirs… More on this in January! 🙂

CROSSBOW: Bloodnight


Introducing POSTAL: Brain Damaged


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