Metal AF slasher with brutal FPP melee combat.
Made in Poland, by HYPERSTRANGE

ELDERBORN is a Metal Action Fantasy Slasher with brütal FPP melee combat and souls-like/RPG character progression. In the times of legend, the barbarian tribes need a new dark messiah. The player becomes a merciless slayer who will uncover ancient secrets in the city of doom, and forge their own destiny. This ambitious indie game, five years in the making, combines old-school single-player feel, a classic heroic story, and modern level of skill-based challenge. All this and more creates an action-packed, engaging adventure that will last 8-10 hours in a single play-through.

And we are HYPERSTRANGE, a small studio based in Warsaw, Poland. We want to make games as epic as Dark Forces, demanding like Dark Souls and as colourful as My Little Pony. The studio was formed by two metalhead dreamers in 2015, at the exact moment of the solar eclipse. The team grew with time, but it’s still well under 10-people mark, and still values one thing above all – being Metal AF.

ELDERBORN is our labor of love, 5 years in the making.