A week after the launch of Early Access we would like to present you our roadmap with updates we are planning. Your feedback is very important for us and it is already proving to be fruitful, for which we want to thank you.

There will be two types of updates: Tech Updates, with changes to performance and general user experience, as well as Content Updates with new areas, weapons, etc. The roadmap contains only the key points for each update but there will be more coming, including achievements, weapon balance, gameplay elements and so on – we will be sharing with you more details in advance, so please stay tuned for future posts!


Tech Update #1 – November 2018

  • Improvements to optimization
  • Key bindings
  • Enemy AI improvement

Content Update #1 – January 2019

  • First boss fight (Janus)
  • Intro (the first version for lore introduction, will be improved later)
  • Two additional locations
  • At least 1 new weapon

Tech Update #2 – February 2019

  • Blood decals
  • Gore setting (no blood, particles or particles + decals)
  • Full controller support

Content Update #2 – March 2019

  • City level
  • At least 1 new weapon
  • At least 6 new types of enemies

Content Update #3 – April 2019

  • Second boss fight (TBA)
  • Temple level
  • At least 3 new types of enemies
  • At least 1 new weapon

Final Release – May/June 2019

  • Final fixes and upgrades
  • ELDERBORN in its full heavy metal glory \m/


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