The day has finally come for an official announcement! We are teaming up with Crunching Koalas, who will be publishing ELDERBORN. The game will be available in Early Access on October 11th – add it to your wishlist not to miss it.

We want the Community to play a huge role in how ELDERBORN shapes and that’s why we want to give you access to the game early. What can you expect from this version?


3 weapons of your choice
Speed, power or balance?

Several types of enemies
Slash, kick, block or parry, depending on who do you fight against.

Various levels
Keep climbing up while avoiding enemy attacks, then enter a labyrinth filled with traps.

Git gud or die trying
Just like that.

Gore, heavy metal and death
Waiting for you behind every corner.


As the game is a work in progress project, we would love to hear your feedback. Make sure to join our discussion forums.

Also, follow our Twitter, Instagram and Facebook accounts for extra info and some awesome gifs.


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